Thoughts on being born again and new begins – 01.05.15

DSC_1605 copia

It’s exactly in the darkest hour and when everything seems lost that life changes at its best.

I am so happy to say that in September I’ll start studying goldsmithing and jewellery. I wish I could find the words to say how happy I am and how serene and fine I feel again!
It’s a very unexpected choice to me and actually I am still a bit surprised: I thought that I would have studied something related of course to art, but to image, like photography or painting. Instead. I’ll be studying a material art. Something almost completely new to me. And it makes me feel like I’m finally born again..

As I always say, faith is patience and you never have to lose it: if there is something I can be sure about in my life is that God sees and provides, always. And when He tells you to wait, because he’s working on something bigger for you, you gotta believe him. And in spite of everything, I am happy I did..

I’m growing, I feel an adult, I am an adult. And now, more than ever, in my life I only want what truly and perfectly fits me and my life, no more compromises to me, no more wasting time on everything, no more justifying what I have inside and what I feel and how I see and live the world.

I found my way, and this time I want everything to be the way I want.
I’m grateful for the beautiful day that has come!



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