Dreams come true: signing session with MIKA! – 27.06.15

11115656_921549724572438_3098092649825510496_oHaving had the chance to meet the man that has been my strenght in the last 8 years, having had the possibility to hug him and taking a picture with him is beautiful. But the empathy he showed in front of my story, when I told him about my problems with school and bullying since I was at kindergarten, until the first week of my very last year of high school, when I had to leave school because of a teacher, his sad face when I told him so, but also his smile when I told him that if I am here now it’s also thank to him, his incredibly sweet and sincere “Thank you..” and his unexpected and strong hug.. is another story. It is one of the truest and higher moments I’ve ever lived in all my life.

Dreams come true! And I am grateful everyday for the life I live, even if these first 18 years haven’t been easy at all, but God is by my side and the happiness I have in my soul is clearly visible on my face in this picture (the one on Mika’s left of course!).