Consideration of the moment – 28.10.15

Sometimes it feels like everything is fine, sometimes I feel like it’s going out of hand again. Why is it so hard to accept that everyone has its own times and it’s just fine, and that just because someone gets there sooner and in a different way than you, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure?

I’ve always been pretty good at talking to myself and being extremely sincere with my own soul. But sometimes it’s not enough.. you just cannot pretend to do something you don’t know, can you? I know every single reason of my different moods, but I’m missing methods – methods to use my creativity and my studies, methods to stop being so damn anxious and maybe finally stop having these moments of huge sadness.

Maybe I should just accept the fact that sometimes you cannot do everything on your own and you need to reach out for some help.. maybe I should. I just don’t know where my head is anymore.



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