The light I’ve been searching for


I’ve been trying to understand what was going on on my mind for so long, done studies of all the kinds and tried and thought the most difficult things, while in the end all I needed was the solution I ignored at the beginning – the most simple one.

I took a random walk, raised my head and saw the answer I’ve been searching so hard into myself and that this time, was outside.
I finally found the light I was looking for and it was God showing me once again that beauty is everywhere if you allow yourself to see it.

I still have a long way ahead me to try and fix the recently fallen pieces of myself, but even if I feel kinda empty under many important points of view, I found the one that matters the most to my soul and it gives me the courage and the strenght to move on and believe, one more time, that everything will make sense when their right time is going to come. Until then, I can only be happy for the refund love I’ve been begging to come back for so long.. and I’m never gonna waste it anymore.